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Importance of Dyslexia Assessment

When you notice that your child has a difficulty in reading and writing, there is a high probability that he or she is suffering from dyslexia. You need to confirm this by assessing the problem. This will help you a lot in knowing how to move forward and deal with the problem. Although there is no treatment for dyslexia, there are ways to help your child absorb information faster. There are several benefits of dyslexia assessment and here are some of them :

It helps your child get more accommodation in school. Once your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, the teachers will understand their problem and they will be given extra time to finish tests or assignments. This will reduce the stress level of your kid since the pressure on them reduces and they can have the time they need to read and understand the questions and answer them correctly.

It may help the child to feel better about herself or himself. Kids who have dyslexia often wonder what is wrong with them and feel stupid. The assessment will help them realize that the problem is not them it’s just that their brain is built a little differently. In fact most dyslexia patients have a high level of intelligence more than normal people so they should never feel that they are stupid. You can even show them many famous people such as major entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, architects, actors and directors who have dyslexia but are successful in life. This will help your child to realize that they can still achieve great success in life and this boosts their self esteem.

The assessment will help identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Your child may have dyslexia but that does not mean that they are weak, your child may have some awesome strengths such as phonemic awareness. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses from the assessment will help your child a lot in knowing what they can do perfectly and give them a hint on what they can choose to be their future careers.
Boost your child’s performance in school. Before your child is diagnosed with dyslexia, he or she most probably does not do well in school. Dyslexia identification will help you know how to help your child learn better. You will be advised by a specialist on what to do so that your child can learn better and hence perform better in school.

Now that you have known the benefits of dyslexia assessment you can look for the best assessment clinic for your child. Choose a clinic which has really good services and high quality assessment since you don’t want your child to be diagnosed and treated for the wrong problem. Do your research online and find out which clinic offers the services you want, has good reviews and has a good reputation. You can ask the parents of kids suffering from the same about the clinic they go to. You may now finally settle on the assessment clinic that you think is best in San Jose, California.

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